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About Us

The Society for Building a Healthier Kugluktuk officially began in January 2011, but the foundation year leading up to our incorporation as a not-for-profit is an exciting story to tell. With the local leadership of Sheila Klengenberg (and other 'average' people including Doris Elatiak, Donna Kaitak, Bessie Satatak, Mike Webster and respected elder Joseph Niptanatiak), over 75% of the households in the community petitioned to do something about the closures to the municipality's Women's Shelter as well as the Youth Center, where the Kugluktuk Radio Society was also located with donated space for being the anchor tenant for the Youth Group.

From there, looking for any outside funding, investment or community capacity support options, Sheila contacted Federal programming staff, who referred her to Health Canada and its Resolution Support Program that had discontinued in Kugluktuk due largely to staffing issues about a year after its start in 2007.

Over the course of our foundation year, Sheila mentored closely with some of the longstanding, proactive volunteers at the Kugluktuk Radio Society. Sheila also networked with people and organizations in Kugluktuk, including the now former staff at the local RCMP detachment and with Julie Currie, the second previous Mental Health counsellor at our Health Center. Health Canada during its on site community evaluation identified the Kugluktuk Radio Society to serve as the lead funding recipient; however, for insurance reasons the Kugluktuk Radio Society could not obligue to fullfil that educational and philanthropic part of its mandate and, as a result, Healthy Kugluktuk was established.

In the end, Sheila, herself a young mother of 3 managing the intergenerational effects of residential school, developed a strategic direction for Healthy Kugluktuk. She also wrote two powerful but realistic documents used to pass Health Canada's Organizational Risk Assessment and successfully negotiate multi-year funding worth over 1 million dollars from March 2011 to March 2013 (in October 2012 Health Canada announced that the Resolution Health Support Program for like organizations across Canada would be extended to March 2014).

There are very few services sustained in Kugluktuk given extensive challenges associated with human capital. Volunteer and staff turnover are typically a matter of routine. However, as Sheila and all those involved with Healthy Kugluktuk have demonstrated, there are a lot of opportunities for individuals to engage themselves, to build and grow Kugluktuk in meaningful ways, together, and to celebrate the Power of One.

Sheila is commended for creating meaningful health support jobs and new cultural support resources in Kugluktuk, and for specific resolution health services for Kugluktukmiut (meaning: people of Kugluktuk).

Please return to this page from time to time as we plan on updating more About Us.

Board of Directors

President � Rita Miyok (previously held by Joseph Niptanatiak)
Vice President � Mary Ann Kaitak (previously held by Doris Elatiak and Donna Pangon)
Secretary/Treasurer � Donna Pangun supported by Faber LLP Chartered Accountants Inc.
                                   (previously held by Julia Toploak and Tammy Tiktalek supported by Faber LLP)
Director � Gordon Ailaviak (previously held by Pamela Inuktalik, Tammy Tiktalek, Laurie Avakana and Doris Elatiak)
Director � Connie Pangon (previously held by Gordon Ailaviak, Jack Ayaliak and Colleen Panioyok)


  • These are volunteer positions without honorarium; if you are interested in becoming a Director, contact us to submit your résumé and a Statement of Interest by September 30th of any given year. Those who are interested should be aware that while previous general experience is important, so too is your vision for Kugluktuk as well as sustained and demonstrated, positive contributions to any kind of organization, volunteer or otherwise. These parameters also hold true for any paid or volunteer position listed below.
  • Full accounting services provided by Faber LLP Chartered Accountants Inc..


Note: all funded and volunteer work below is currently frozen - we are between contracts.  


Executive Director Vacant (previously held by Mike Webster, MA)
Executive Assistant, Resolution Health Strategies Vacant (previously held by Emilia Battersby Fredlund)
Manager of Operations, Community Affairs and Programming Vacant
Program Officer Vacant (previously held by Mike Webster, MA)


  • These are senior volunteer positions, If you are interested in filling a vacancy, contact us to submit your r�sum� and a Statement of Interest.
  • Those who are interested should be aware that while previous experience with other organizations is important, so too are demonstrated positive contributions to long standing volunteer organizations.


Resolution Health Support � Mike Webster, MA (previously held by Allison Sandra Brown, Suzanne Mardon, RM, SSW; Frank Large, ICADC, Florence Large, ICADC; Roslind Minault MScP/RCP/M.Ed; Mary Ann Kaitak; Josee Cloutier)

Administrative Assistant, Resolution/Cultural Support � Vacant (new position)

Cultural Support Advisor � Helen Klengenberg, MBA, and Mary Ann Kaitak (previously held by Bessie Satatak; Siobhan Sutcliffe)

Cultural Support Advisor � Donna Pangon (previously held by Zena Avakana; Sheila Klengenberg)


  • if interested in one of these positions, contact us to submit your r�sum� and a Statement of Interest.


Volunteer & Other Positions

Information Technologists � as needed (previously held by Ivy Cheng and Mike Sukava)

Language Specialists � Helen Klengenberg, Margo Nivingalok and Mona Tiktalek have worked on exacting special projects (book, video and meditation workshops). We continue to offer volunteer and paid appointments. Contact us to submit your r�sum�, a Statement of Interest and your preferred Inuinnaqtun dialect for oral and written work (for mainly logistical and literacy reasons, we tend to go with the traditional Inuinnaqtun standard, not the new standard).

Our Web Site & Social Media � Co-ordinated by the Kugluktuk Radio Society ( We welcome and invite guest writers and bloggers to contact us, especially those from across Canada and internationally. Kugluktukmiut love special features from elsewhere! We are thankful to you for sharing your interests in reconciliation, health and other topics with us.

Community, Territorial & National Advisors

To assist with governance and service delivery, we are now expanding our resource structure and accepting special volunteer appointments. Contact us to submit your r�sum� and a Statement of Interest; or, see our information sheet at Get Involved to read more and register. Some of the volunteer areas of interest include:

Education Advisor � Vacant
Elder Advisor � Vacant (previously Jack Ayaliak, Kugluktuk Lay Minister)
Municipal Relations Advisor � Vacant
Marketing � Vacant
National Advisor � Vacant
Social Engagement Advisors � Vacant (previously Joe Ogina and John Amagoalik per Project Pending)
Territorial Advisor � Vacant
Transitional Justice - Vacant
Youth Advisor � Vacant (previously Chad Keadjuk, Kugluktuk Radio Society)


Honorary Members:

Ariel Tweto

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