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Services for Kugluktukmiut

The Society for Building a Healthier Kugluktuk offers unique and confidential services for Kugluktukmiut; core services are delivered through our Resolution Health Support and Cultural Support workers. Workers provide timely and reliable information to give kugluktukmiut easy access to residential school-specific counselling, self-care techniques, legal services and more.

Our workers encourage clients to continue working with their own personal support networks. However, the Society offers clients access to professional, reconciliation specific services at Kugluktuk's own Milukshuk Center, a relaxing and culturally inspired arctic retreat just up from the Northern Store on Inuit Street.

Together, reconciliation is possible:

  • Do you wish to talk at no cost to professional counsellors or clinical psychologists who specialize in the residential school experience?
  • Do you wish to talk at no cost with a lawyer who specializes in the residential school settlement process?
  • Do you wish to develop a healing and Growth Plan for yourself and your family?
  • Do you wish to talk about recovery and personal growth strategies with people in other parts of Nunavut or Canada?
  • Do you wish to enrol in a 6-8 week healing retreat specifically operated by and for Inuit?
  • Do you wish to either learn about how people have healed and grown to live a positive and productive life, and network with Kugluktukmiut, Nunavumiut, or others across Canada?

Our workers have the resources and support to clients in Kugluktuk. We can also arrange to fly-in the professionals you most need, arrange video-conferences, and much more. Individual, family and group counselling is available in a professional way that best meets the needs of former students and/or family members, including: the confidential disclosure of abuse and its impact on friends, family and others in your life.

Our unique to Kugluktuk services are locally designed to assist former students and their families. Our main goal is to comfortably and safely address issues related to the intergenerational impacts of residential schools.


    Do you want to talk with someone right now?
    Are you in crisis? Do you need help?

    Would you like to talk about an issue you are trying to figure out while on your journey toward reconciliation?

    In Canada, phone 1-866-925-4419 toll free, anytime 24/7

    Other free, culturally safe and private help lines

    • Women’s help line (24/7) 1-855-554-HEAL (4325)
    • Kids’ help line (24/7) 1-800-668-6868
    • Kids/Youth Help, Live Chat, 4pm – 9pm Kugluktuk Time (Mountain Time) on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
    • Click here for LIVE CHAT
    Contact your lawyer for assistance; or, phone Gayle McCarthy, Residential Schools Advisor, AWOC, 1-800-994-7477 or email:
    What does reconciliation mean to you?